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Just an average girl who enjoys making 3D art...nuff said


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I have seen your work in the portal, perhaps we should chat some time about 3D
fire me off a PM and I'll reply tomorrow.
I noticed you mentioned VtM. Ironically I'm leaving for a game at a friends hours in about 5 minuets.
What do you do for your models?

Its cool! i love nudes!


There are always those out there who think sexuality is the most evil of things. I don't understand it.

Eh, I ranted about it at one point on my blog so I won't take up too much of your wall here with repeated anger.

Regardless, I may take a peak through yer artwork.

Please do rant...be my guest...hahahaha
and those who think evil of sexuality are usually the ones hiding in the closet with their portable DVD player jacking off to pornos!

There is a serious lack of vagina in your work, the vagina is the most beautiful part of a woman, I was just wondering whether you incorporate more of it in your work, thankyou

I've noticed you're mainly posting Poser models and DAZ3D.
Not offended by the nudity; more questioning why you don't dress them.

What are you making, exactly? From what I understand, you're using premade dolls, shifting them about and taking a screen shot.

Give me a run-through of what you do, so I can appreciate it.

Why ask why? It was the mood... So I use pre-made dolls, yeah, but I position them, using backgrounds/scenes and creating something I think is nice. Is that my crime? I swear this must be the NG Inquistion...hahahaha

<a href="http://sinfulwolf.newgrounds.com/news/post/374706">http://sinfulwolf.newgrounds.com/news /post/374706</a>

That's actually my rant right there. It's not too long though. I just can't grasp why people get so offended by sexuality, then run off to watch some Michael Bay movie which has boobs bouncing, and violence left right and centre.

I used to post a lot of artwork in my blog (none of it mine mind you) that generally had some hint of sexuality, and this why guy always popped in and had to try and make me feel like sexuality was the end of the damn world for some reason.

I'm glad you enjoyed my rant. I see we have very similar views. Its good to see people like you out there.

love the art sexy!!!!!!!!!!

C'mon...It's Newgrounds! It was MADE for Nudity. ;D

hey, just checked your stuff out. thats like fuckin awesome! (excuse my language) When i sawthe little box crop cutout i thought you took a picture of naked ppl. but upon colser inspection i saw that it was the real deal. real deal meaning an actual artwork. what im trying to say is you should go pro and make feature length type games. newgrounds is kind of shunning your talents. (sorry newgrounds)

not offended, just weirded out........&gt;_&gt;

then again, this IS newgrounds. &gt;.&lt;

nudity is preferrable

i'm 17 and i'm girl, maybe i can see all your work without agree to be exposed... :D

Sigh...if only EVERYONE knew that you dont model this stuff, and merely pose them.